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Site Visit

The aim of a site visit is to assess how well a psychoanalytic education and training program implements its own mission, adheres to its professed views, and meets the ACPEinc Standards. The site visit plan is cooperative … but since visitors are there to gather data they observe and interview, but they do not intervene.

The Team

The Site Visit Team is comprised of two or more analysts and at least one ACPEinc Trustee.

What Happens

  1. The Site Visit Team will review the Self Study Application and supporting documents prior to the site visit to ensure program readiness.
  2. While on-site, the Team will gather information through dialogue, observation and the review of documents. The Team will also verify that the program is functioning as described in the Self Study Application, and that it is in compliance with the Standards.
  3. The Site Visit Team will meet together to engage in a consensus process that will lead to a preliminary report of its findings.
  4. At the end of the visit, the Site Visit Team will conduct an open meeting with members of the program to provide a preliminary and non-binding overview of their findings and answer questions.
  5. After departing the program, a preliminary draft report (based on the Site Visit Teams' findings) will be submitted to the program for review. Factual corrections and comments are to be made within 6 weeks time.
  6. Once the ACPEinc has received comments and corrections from the program, the Site Visit Team will then amend the preliminary report as needed and submit it to the Chair of the Standing Committee on Accreditation (SCA) of the ACPEinc.

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