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Accreditation Fees

New Members

At its regular meeting on 16 October, 2018, the Board of Trustees voted to establish the processing fee for the initial fee for application for accreditation at $10,000 effective 01 January 2019.

NOTE: It is the ACPEinc policy that the fee paid by an institute or program requesting accreditation will be the fee that is in place at the time of the initial site visit. Any partial payments will be deducted from this final fee.

Current Members

Sustaining Fee — $2000, payable by January 1, 2019. A late fee of 10% will be incurred if payment is received after March 31, 2019. Programs that were initially accredited between 01 August and 31 December 2018 will not be required to pay the Sustaining Fee for 2019.


Contact ACPEinc Treasurer, Richard Lightbody: Treasurer@ACPEinc.org