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Preparing the Application

Once psychoanalytic education and training programs have conducted their own internal review using the Self Study Guide and determined their readiness to apply for accreditation, they may contact the Accreditation Council for Psychoanalytic Education for further assistance with the Application.

Technical Assistance

The document: Guidance for Preparing Application for Accreditation by the ACPEinc outlines the correct electronic format for providing the information required for a complete Self Study/Application. It offers instructions and examples that may be particularly useful for administrators who support the application process.

Individuals who have questions about or need assistance with this aspect of the application may contact the ACPEinc Administrator at: administrator@acpeinc.org

Requesting a Mentor

To assist with the preparation of the application, the program may request a Mentor. A Mentor can help a program to check that all relevant documents are in proper form and that the programs' functioning conforms to the ACPEinc Standards. The Mentor can also identify any shortcomings that would prohibit or delay application.

To request a Mentor, please complete our contact form or email: president@acpeinc.org

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