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Final Report and Membership

Following the conclusion of the site visit and the completion of the preliminary report, the Standing Committee on Accreditation (SCA) will discuss and determine the action that it will recommend to the Board of Trustees. At the discretion of the chair of the SCA, the leader of the Site Visit Team (SVT) will be invited to meet with the Committee. After the close of the meeting, the leader of the SVT in consultation with the chair of the SCA will prepare a final report for submission to the ACPEinc Board of Trustees.

The final report will include findings of the Site Visit Team and statements of the program's compliance with the ACPEinc Standards, including areas needing improvement; and the program's performance with respect to student achievement. It should include a recommendation to the Board about which accreditation option the Site Visit Team thinks appropriate. In an effort to aid programs applying for accreditation to improve their programs, the report may include suggestions for improvement, even when, the program meets Standards for accreditation. The final report will be submitted for review to the Chair of the ACPEinc Standing Committee on Accreditation, who will present it to the Board of Trustees.

Types of Accreditation

Full accreditation
Accreditation up to 5 years
Provisional accreditation
Accreditation up to 2 years – while institute or program corrects a deficit
Accreditation is deferred while a more challenged applicant works with mentor et al. to achieve Standards
Accreditation for institutes seriously out of compliance with core Standards. No reapplication for at least 4 years

Annual Report and Renewal

Programs accredited by the ACPEinc are required to submit a yearly Maintenance of Accreditation Survey (MOAS) to the ACPEinc. Surveys are to be submitted to the Board of Trustees of the ACPEinc by the first week of June each year, beginning with the first calendar year after full accreditation of the institute or program.

Download: Annual Report of Institutes, 2017 (PDF 140KB)

Substantive Change Policy

The Substantive Change Policy outlines administrative and curriculum changes that may affect the accreditation status of the psychoanalytic education and training program. Approval from the ACPEinc may be required prior to implementing specific changes.

Download: Substantive Change Policy, 2017 (PDF 135KB)