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Board of Trustees | 2019 - 2020

Photo: Maxine K. Anderson

Maxine K. Anderson, MD, FIPA

Seattle, WA
Founding Member and Training and Supervising Analyst, Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society, Seattle. Training and Supervising Analyst, Seattle Institute of Psychoanalysis; Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Photo: Colleen L. Carney, PhD, ABPP

Colleen L. Carney, PhD, FABP
Pittsburgh, PA
Training and Supervising Analyst, Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center.

Photo: Theodore J. Fallon

Theodore J. Fallon, Jr, MD, MPH, FAACAP, FABP

Philadelphia, PA
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Drexel University College of Medicine; Faculty, Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia.

Photo: David Flynn

David Flynn, MD
(Vice President for Accreditation Services)

Seattle, WA
Private Practice.

Photo: Sheila Hafter Gray

Sheila Hafter Gray, MD, FABP
(Chair of the Board)

Washington, D.C.
Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Photo: Anna J. Janicki

Anna J. Janicki, MD, FABP
Cleveland, OH
Training and Supervising Analyst, Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University.

Photo: Roger Karlsson

Roger Karlsson, PhD, ABPP
Campbell, CA
Private Practice.

Photo: Richard Lightbody

Richard Lightbody, MD, FABP

Cleveland Heights, OH
Training and Supervising Analyst, Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Case Westeren Reserve University School of Medicine.

Photo: William A MacGillivray

William A. MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP

Oak Ridge, TN
Private Practice, Clinical Psychology.

Photo: Stanton Marlan

Stanton Marlan, PhD, ABPP, FABP, LP
Pittsburgh, PA
Teaching and training analyst, Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts; President, Pittsburgh Society of Jungian Analysts; Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Duquesne University.

Photo: Douglas E. Ray, JD

Douglas E. Ray, JD
Fort Mill, SC
Dean and Professor of Law Emeritus,
St Thomas University School of Law

Photo: Jennifer L. Stevens, PhD, ABPP

Jennifer L. Stevens, PhD, ABPP
Stockbridge, MA
Training Supervisor, The Austen Riggs Center, The William Alanson White Institute, Harvard Medical School.

Former ACPEinc Trustees

Aron, Lewis, PhD, ABPP *
Belmont, Mary Ferguson, Ed.D., RN, NP
Benson, Ronald, MD
Buirski, Cathy Krown, MSW, LCSW, BCD-P
Cohen, Mariam C., MD *
Drescher, Jack, MD
Edward, Joyce, MSSA
Eichler, Ron, PhD
Floersch, Jerry, PhD
Gaeta, Rosmarie, MSW
Gottdiener, William H., PhD, ABPP, FIPA
Gruber, Carolyn, PhD
Hansen, Richard R., Ph.D., ABPP
Holmes, Dorothy E., PhD, FABP
Ingram, Douglas H., MD
Kaplan, Judy Ann, LCSW, BCD-P, FIPA
Karpe, Richard J., MS, LCSW, BCD-P
Kingsley, George, PhD
Lebovitz, Phil S., MD
Logan, Nell, PhD, ABPP
Lifschutz, David H., MD
Margolis, Gerald J., MD
Morris, Dolores O., PhD, ABP
Murphy, Maureen, PhD

Pierce, Miriam, LCSW, BCD-P
Palman, Cynthia, MD
Palombo, Joseph, MA, LCSW
Robbins, Alvin, MD
Rolde, Alexandra K., MD
Rosen, Penny, MSW, BCD-P
Rosenblatt, Allan D., MD
Rowe, Crayton E., Jr., MSW, BCD-P
Sandor, Colleen, PhD
Schildkrout, Enid, PhD
Schwartz, Scott C., MD
Sehon, Caroline M., MD
Silver, Ann-Louise, MD *
Snyder, Elise W., MD
Stockhamer, Nathan, PhD, ABPP *
Tillman, Jane G., PhD, ABPP
Tucker, Jane, PhD, ABPP
Turner, David A., MD
Warshaw, Susan C., EdD, ABPP
Wilson, Robin Fretwell, JD

* Deceased.